• Book UK trains online, but don’t worry about Mainland European ones. In most of mainland Europe, trains seem to cost around €10 per hour of travel, with no difference for online purchase. The UK however is a much different story, with trains heavily discounted online. See nationalrail.co.uk.
  • Take advantage of FREE INTERNET. Internet access is something that is a virtual necessity now when backpacking. Where can you obtain free internet? Apple Stores! These are located in virtually all major cities throughout Europe and the sales staff are completely used to people coming in and using their computers. Just try and not take too much obvious advantage of it and you should be right. Having said that, I was getting to the stage in Zurich of plugging my SD card in and uploading photos to Facebook, so see how lucky you get 🙂
  • Utilise Megabus.co.uk when in the UK. Megabus also offer cheap train travel. Bear in mind you are limited to specific routes but the discounts are incredible – I took the bus from London to Liverpool, on to Manchester then back to London for only about £25.
  • When taking overnight boats, sleep on the couches rather than paying extra for a cabin. I was a bit worried about doing this the first time but it’s not that bad at all!!! Loads of people do it and you’ll often find that showers are available free of charge on the boat anyway.

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